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 Sadaharu Yagi, otherwise known as Sada, is a Grammy-winning recording engineer/mixer/producer based in Los Angeles. He has worked on various projects for Shania Twain, Wyclef Jean, Joanna Newsom and many other artists.

 Educated in acoustic design at Kyushu University, one of  Japan's most prestigious national universities known for the top acoustics program in the country, Sada has experienced various aspects of music throughout his career, including playing in several different bands, composing and producing. Sada has worked on both domestic and international projects, the latter including projects from the UK, Japan, Spain, Germany, Bulgaria, Taiwan, Mexico, Peru, and Brazil.

 In 2013, he was awarded a Latin Grammy for his work on Draco Rosa's album, "Vida," which brought him another statuette at 56th Grammy Awards in 2014. In 2019, he was nominated for Draco Rosa's "Hotel de los Encuentros", and  received his third Grammy at the 20th Latin Grammy Awards in the category "Best Rock Album" for  Monte Sagrado.


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